In this day and age, looks can truly kill when you’re amidst a very competitive market. My 20+ year experience within the small business community, combined with my focus on premium visual content and the ability to provide that myself, is what truly separates me from any other creative or agency.  My goal since day one has always been to properly showcase the incredible things happening in the Saint Louis tastemaker scene.  From single sessions for premium photo content used for digital and/or print to social media account management, small businesses have turned to me to get results.  Let me help you showcase the hard work, passion and talent that exists within your business.  Gain results derived from the power of premium visual content, strategic digital marketing and true brand identity.
"I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with Ed when I was at Winslow’s Home & Farm. His work is top notch! He was incredibly patient and always willing to help steer us in the right direction. Not only does he provide fantastic social media presence for businesses, but he curates the content as well with his high end graphic design and incredible photography skills. It’s a one-stop-shop for digital marketing!" 
 -Cassy Vires (Saint Louis Science Center)

"Ed does an amazing job with photos, web design and content. Amazing to work with. Ed was in the industry for a long time so he knows what works and what doesn’t. I recently renovated @thetenderloinroom and Ed has been a huge part of its success. Highly recommend working with him."  
- Bob Brazell (Tenderloin Room, Byrd & Barrel, Tamm Ave Bar)

"I have been fortunate enough to have Ed by my side for a few years now. I was referred to Ed by an old colleague shortly after I opened up my restaurant in Saint Louis Hills in 2015. To this day, there is not a week or for that   matter, a day that goes by and a guest walks into my restaurant has demands "I want what was pictured in your Instagram /Facebook post today!" It happens all the time! He has made my food, my shop and my food truck look great for over three years now. Not only is it the stellar photography that sets Ed Aller apart from everyone else, his level of professionalism and his utmost passion for the hospitality industry are traits you will not find  elsewhere. He helps provide content and copy for all of my social media pages in addition to the quality photographs. Combined, you will not find a freelance individual and large company provide the expertise that Ed is able   to provide on a daily basis. I am thrilled to have Ed on my team and I would not want it any other way. I look forward to our continued partnership "  
-Matt Borchardt (Edibles & Essentials, Essentially Fries)

"I hired Ed Aller to handle social media, marketing and branding of my restaurant. Since starting over 6 years ago, Mr. Aller has exceeded my expectations in every task. His approach to photography, design and content are  unique and exceptional. Of all the marketing and advertising professionals I've employed over the years, Mr. Aller has proven to be the most consistently productive player in a very competitive field. I would highly recommend him to any business interested in creating or strengthening their identity and attracting new and old customers." 
- Frazer Cameron (Frazer's Restaurant & Lounge)

"Ed could easily get by on his swagger alone, but instead he chooses to work for a living - I suppose so he can relate to the rest of us and our inferior swag while he beautifully captures the various frivolities we partake in through his lens. Real talk though, not everyone is blessed with the photographic eye that Ed Aller is blessed with. His use of natural light perfectly captures the natural beauty of people and the things we build. No one photographs a chef’s creations with more soul than Ed does, and no one captures a human being’s delicate glow with more nuance. Ed has photographed my various musical projects numerous times and we use his selections for official promo pieces and profile pictures. His professionalism stands alone, and you’ll never find a photographer more true to his vision or more respectful of yours"
- Mathias James (Earthworms, Mathias & the Pirates)

Ed’s work speaks for itself. He’s designed logos and shirts for me and has done photography to help market our martial arts academy. Just float him an idea and let him run with it. Incredible vision, incredible talent, and incredibly easy to work with. Do both yourself and your business a favor and link up with him today. 
-Kevin Goodwin (Team Junqueira Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Marcelo Garcia Association)

"Ed has the unique ability to find the deepest meaning, emotion, and beauty out of his photos. He grasps the beauty and the art of not only capturing one moment but the ethos of life and business' ideals! "
- Ryan Adrian Muir (Trivium Personal Fitness)

"Ed is a natural behind the lens! His creative eye & knack for capturing details is precise, not to mention his down to earth personality makes him extremely easy & personable to work with. Ed photographed our mid October STL wedding and naturally captured all of the special moments in a candid way, leaving us with unforgettable moments to look back on. Ed’s communication was always on point & promptness in getting our photo file delivered was perfection. Thank you Ed for being a part of our wedding day! Such a special celebration and you documented it beautifully! "
 -Stacy Helm

"We hired Ed for our wedding photos and could not have been happier. The day was a bit of a mess with an unexpected downpour with a planned outdoor photo session in Tower Grove Park. The sun came out just in time and Ed took it all in stride as we had to shift the time of our photos slightly. Our wedding photos were a great mix of candid shots and posed photos, all capturing the goofiness and happiness of the day. Ed is extremely professional, but also very comfortable as a photographer. His editing work is wonderful and prompt. We would absolutely recommend him for event photography. "
- Katie Zalasky Mcdonald

“Ed Aller stewards our brand’s look & feel with precision.  He insures our messaging is compelling with continuity both visually and with a wry understanding of our voice across graphic design, content development, copy writing, photography, print and social media.  Projects get done and done well…and on time…without handholding.”
- Chip Schloss  (Owner, Atomic Cowboy, Bar | Restaurant | Venue)

"We hired Ed to help us rebrand The Gramophone from a concert club to a great neighborhood sandwich shop and bar in 2015.  He was able to take the incoherent ramblings about what we wanted and turned them into a great new look including our logo, photography, website, menu and ads. He has been available and happy to help out with any changes and tweaks to things we have needed since we reopened.  I would highly recommend him for any photography, graphic or art direction projects."  
- Roo Yawitz (Owner, The Gramophone)

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